9 July 2018

The growing needs for sustainability demand that porous asphalt (PA), one of the most critical types of asphalt mixtures, can be produced with high quality, low production temperature and using high percentages of reclaimed materials. With the support of the European Life+ program, a new decomposition technique was developed to decompose the reclaimed PA into the mortar sand (grain size ≤ 2 mm, bitumen content 10–14%) and the reclaimed stones in various fractions (bitumen content less than 1%).

18 December 2017
RAP takes centre stage

Publication in renowned magazine Road Surface Technology by World Highways regarding research of the LE2AP project on reclaimed asphalt pavement and the future of sustainability in global road construction. 

You can find the publication here.

18 December 2017
When warm is hot

Publication in renowned magazine Road Surface Technology by World Highways regarding a hot topic: Warm mix asphalt (WMA). 

You can find the publication here.

24 August 2016

Quote magazine World Highways: 
´One of the most exciting papers on recycling was given in the Health, Safety and Environment session, by Marinus Huurman, research and development director for BAM Infra Asfalt.´

´Huurman presented a totally new way of recycling porous asphalt, LE2AP (Low Emission Asphalt Pavement), a method that sees used asphalt broken down into its constituent materials. The goal of the project, sponsored by the European Commission’s LIFE programme, is to use over 80% recycled material, mixed at 80 degrees C and providing a 7dB noise reduction. (See World Highways May 2016 for more detail on LE2AP).´

Click here for the paper by Rien Huurman.

18 May 2016

A breakthrough in the horizontal reuse of PA (porous asphalt) says World Highways. Read more:

13 April 2016

During the fourth edition of the International Chinese European Workshop (CEW), Jian Qiu will present inter alia the LE2AP ideology onto horizontal recycling of porous asphalt. The fourth edition of CEW is in particular focussed on developments of road building designs, functional properties and application of materials. CEW is organised by Delft University of Technology and will take place in Delft, the Netherlands. Representatives from international based universities and ministry departments will be presented to be informed about the LE2AP ideology of horizontal recycling.
The event will take place from 29th of June to 1st of July 2016. More information regarding CEW can be found at


7 March 2016

Rien Huurman, Research & Development Manager at BAM Infra Asfalt, has been invited to give a lecture on LE2AP at the Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress in Prague on 2 June 2016. International stakeholders are also becoming increasingly interested in the developments that are taking place in the European LE2AP demonstration project. In late 2015, Rien gave a presentation at a road congress organised by the English government body Highways England. In order to gain more knowledge of innovations in various fields, including sustainability and noise reduction, BAM Nuttall is considering taking some clients from the UK to the BAM asphalt laboratory in Utrecht and also taking them to some road construction projects.

18 February 2016
BAM highest score circular business practices

(Source: Duurzaam Ondernemen) Construction company BAM achieved the highest score for circular business practise. This score is based on a comparative study focussed on recycling and waste reduction among 52 Dutch listed companies, conducted by the Vereniging van Beleggers voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling (VBDO). VBDO specifically mentioned the innovations BAM has completed and recently started. An example of this is Low Emissions Asphalt Pavement, which is being produced at lower production temperatures. This innovative technique provides a CO2 reduction of 30 percent and 30 to 40 percent reduction in energy usage.

2 November 2015
Breakthrough in the use of reclaimed asphalt in Porous Asphalt mixtures

Percentage of raw material recycling triples to over 90 percent

Utrecht, 22 October 2015 - BAM has succeeded in producing industrial scale ZOAB (porous asphalt concrete) that comprises 93 percent recovered raw materials. Compared to current ZOAB recycling percentages, which amount to 0% to 30%, this means a breakthrough in sustainable asphalt production. The successful trial involving approximately 60 tonnes of ZOAB took place on Thursday 22 October on the site of the Brabantse Asfalt Centrale (Brabant Asphalt Plant) in Helmond. BAM developed this innovative production method in the framework of the European Life+ demonstration project, LE2AP.

11 June 2015
Life+ le2ap

Within the scope of LE2AP and the desire to exchange knowledge with relevant Life+ projects, a number of LE2AP team members paid a visit to the University of Cantabria. During the meeting, the developments of three Life+ projects were presented and discussed:
• Desso explained its Close Loop Carpet project. The objective of this project is to optimise the recycling of carpet tiles;
• Grupo de Investigacion de Tecnologica de la Construccion of the University of Cantabria explained the Green Road and Polymix projects. The focus of these demonstration projects is on the application of alternative recycling components in bituminous mixtures. The meeting’s participants paid a visit to the test sections of the Green Road Project;
• BAM presented its preliminary results with LE2AP, the responses to which were very positive.

23 April 2015

Approximately one hundred invitees (including employees of BAM) attended the LE2AP midterm seminar in Helmond. The focus of the gathering was on knowledge exchange with various target groups including representatives of national and regional authorities, consultancy firms, building companies and private companies.

17 December 2014

BAM’s LE2AP European demonstration project has been nominated for the 2015 Infratech Innovation Award in the category Planned Innovation. The winner of the award will be announced in Rotterdam on Wednesday 21 January during the Infratech trade fair. LE2AP was nominated by a panel of judges comprising Ron Voskuilen (Managing Director, Rotterdam City Planning), Jan Hendrik Dronkers (Director General Rijkswaterstaat), Annemieke Nijhof (CEO Tauw Group BV), Maxime Verhagen (Chairman Bouwend Nederland), Rob Vos (GMB Civiel) and Nicole van der Velden (Movares).