24 August 2016

Exciting paper Rien Huurman on recycling at 6th Euraspahlt & Eurobitume Congress

Quote magazine World Highways: ´One of the most exciting papers on recycling was given in the Health, Safety and Environment session, by Marinus Huurman, research and development director for BAM Infra Asfalt.´

´Huurman presented a totally new way of recycling porous asphalt, LE2AP (Low Emission Asphalt Pavement), a method that sees used asphalt broken down into its constituent materials. The goal of the project, sponsored by the European Commission’s LIFE programme, is to use over 80% recycled material, mixed at 80 degrees C and providing a 7dB noise reduction. (See World Highways May 2016 for more detail on LE2AP).´

Click here for the paper by Rien Huurman.

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