8 June 2015

Knowledge exchange between Life+ projects at the University of Cantabria in Spain

Within the scope of LE2AP and the desire to exchange knowledge with relevant Life+ projects, a number of LE2AP team members paid a visit to the University of Cantabria.

During the meeting, the developments of three Life+ projects were presented and discussed:

  • Desso explained its Close Loop Carpet project. The objective of this project is to optimise the recycling of carpet tiles;
  • Grupo de Investigacion de Tecnologica de la Construccion of the University of Cantabria explained the Green Road and Polymix projects. The focus of these demonstration projects is on the application of alternative recycling components in bituminous mixtures. The meeting’s participants paid a visit to the test sections of the Green Road Project;
  • BAM presented its preliminary results with LE2AP, the responses to which were very positive.
Vistiting Spain