23 April 2015

LE2AP midterm seminar Helmond

Approximately one hundred invitees (including employees of BAM) attended the LE2AP midterm seminar in Helmond. The focus of the gathering was on knowledge exchange with various target groups including representatives of national and regional authorities, consultancy firms, building companies and private companies.

The trade and local press also attended and paid ample attention to the project. By linking the midterm seminar to the opening of BAM’s fourth Dutch asphalt plant that is able to produce Low Energy Asphalt Concrete (LEAB), the opportunity was created to inform a wide target group on the developments relating to LE2AP.

Rien Huurman, Research & Development Manager BAM Infra Asfalt, presented the background and current developments relating to LE2AP. The presentation emphasised the 3D vision of BAM, of which the objectives of LE2AP form a part: no longer recycling asphalt as a bulk product but moving towards the effective recovery of the raw materials from asphalt. This step raises recycling to a higher level - a level where company and social interest converge.

The persons present were particularly interested in the progress BAM is making with the ingenious separation of old asphalt into mastic (bitumen, sand and dust) and rougher fractions (stone). During the dialogue after the presentation, there were many questions on the quality of the recovered mastic and whether high-quality asphalt mixtures could be produced with this mastic.

BAM was able to indicate that the expectations are high. After treatment and homogenisation, the recovered mastic is, quality-wise, comparable to new mastic. This allows BAM to produce high-quality asphalt mixtures with an exceptionally high percentage of recycled materials. The design procedure developed in the asphalt laboratory of BAM Infra allows the LE2AP team to produce high-quality mastic at all times. As mastic is the binding component of asphalt, it is not surprising that LE2AP also performs very well as a mixture. There are even indications that LE2AP mixtures will perform better than their new equivalents or equivalents with less recycled materials. During the midterm seminar, BAM announced to have gone past the preparation phase and is to lay 300 square metres LE2AP asphalt in the near future in accordance with the agreement with Life+ of the European Union.

Success for sustainable asphalt

In the dialogue with business relations after the LE2AP presentation by Rien Huurman, representatives of the municipality of Helmond showed particular interest in the next steps BAM intends to take in the sustainable production and processing of asphalt. They greatly welcome the possibility to already now have access to Low Energy Asphalt Concrete (LEAB) in the Southeast region of the Netherlands. They also indicated that they would like to be kept informed on future developments. Shortly after the midterm seminar, LEAB was used in the municipality of Helmond in a medium-sized project. A first success for sustainable asphalt in this region, which to a certain extent is thanks to the midterm seminar.

The results achieved by BAM with LE2AP to date received much praise from those present. With this innovative demonstration project, BAM distinguishes itself and can count on increasing interest from the public and private sector. Several visitors have indicated to want to visit the asphalt laboratory of BAM in Utrecht to see the practical results of LE2AP with their own eyes. Agreements have been made on this with representatives of Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) and various municipalities.
The midterm seminar in Helmond has raised prospect-rich expectations. Support for LE2AP has, partly due to the attention paid to it in the regional and trade press, widened and deepened.

A number of invitees were unfortunately not able to attend the midterm seminar. They will receive a follow-up letter and the LEAB/LE2AP brochure so that they are kept up to date on the latest developments.

LE2AP midterm seminar Helmond
LE2AP midterm seminar Helmond