16 December 2014

LE2AP nominated for 2015 Infratech Innovation Award

Innovation reward 2015

BAM’s LE2AP European demonstration project has been nominated for the 2015 Infratech Innovation Award in the category Planned Innovation. The winner of the award will be announced in Rotterdam on Wednesday 21 January during the Infratech trade fair. LE2AP was nominated by a panel of judges comprising Ron Voskuilen (Managing Director, Rotterdam City Planning), Jan Hendrik Dronkers (Director General Rijkswaterstaat), Annemieke Nijhof (CEO Tauw Group BV), Maxime Verhagen (Chairman Bouwend Nederland), Rob Vos (GMB Civiel) and Nicole van der Velden (Movares).

In total, forty projects were submitted for the innovation award, eight of which were nominated; four in the category Applied Innovation and four in the category Planned Innovation. The other projects in the latter category are: RONA Self-cleaning Verge (Altena), Drinking Water Pipeline Relining (Heijmans) and KLEISER®vr (By The Way).


BAM initiated work on LE2AP in 2013. In 2017, the European demonstration project is to result in the construction of a one-kilometre trial section with an asphalt layer that consists of at least 80 percent recycled asphalt. The intent is for this trial section to yield a noise reduction of at least 7dB(A) and to consist of asphalt produced at 80 degrees Centigrade. 

LE2AP is an important step on the road towards the 3D Road. The 3D Road derives from our 2013-2025 sustainability vision and focuses on three areas: Decibels, Sustainability and Circulation. The ultimate goal is to reach 90 percent recycled asphalt, a 10dB(A) noise reduction and asphalt production at ambient temperatures. 

Cobouw Public Award

In addition to a trade award, the Cobouw Public Award will also be presented. In addition to LE2AP, BAM’s Cantilever Bridge (CLB©) also qualifies for this award. The Cantilever Bridge performs the following tasks: pile driving, placing concrete beams on the piles and placing the T-beams that form the roadway on top of that. After pulling up its temporary support legs the CLB© advances 24 metres across the cross-beams and then once again lowers its support legs. This creates a temporary working bridge. One benefit of the use of the CLB© is that all construction activities are concentrated at a single spot. The Cantilever Bridge© has now been used three times in large projects. The innovation makes it possible to work in shallow waters and is also suited for work in environmentally sensitive areas.   

Vote for LE2AP or the Cantilever Bridge

If you are enthusiastic about LE2AP or the Cantilever Bridge, cast your vote by sending an e-mail to cobouwpublieksprijs@gmail.com. Via this link (Dutch) you can view all innovations together with extensive explanations. You can vote until 20 January 2015.