About LE2AP

LE2AP (Low Emission2 Asphalt Pavement) is a demonstration project that is part of the LIFE programme, an instrument of the European Commission for providing additional funding for environmental initiatives. 

The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental policy and legislation by co-funding pilot or demonstration projects with European added value.

3D road

The aim of BAM Wegen’s LE2AP project is to pave the way for sustainable in-situ asphalt production; the 3D road. The 3D road is based on BAM Wegen’s vision and focuses on three aspects: decibels (reducing traffic noise), sustainability (respect for the environment) and traffic flow (limiting traffic disruption). 3D is a Dutch acronym for these aspects (decibellen, duurzaamheid, doorstroming).

LIFE+ grant

In order to be able to make good progress towards the end goal, the 3D road, BAM Wegen applied for a European grant. The European Commission awarded this grant, known as a LIFE+ grant, in July 2013. The contribution from Brussels is around €1.3 million, which is match-funded by BAM. The aim of the LE2AP project is to build a 1-kilometre pilot stretch with a surface that consists of at least 80% recycled asphalt, has noise reduction of at least 7 dB(A), and is made of asphalt that is produced at 80oC. The LIFE+ grant runs until mid-2017.