About BAM Infra

BAM Wegen specialises in building and maintaining roads throughout the Netherlands for public and private clients, and does this on the basis of a sound and transparent process that is innovative and result-focused. In this way, BAM Wegen contributes to the development of a sustainable living environment in a professional, reliable and entrepreneurial way. BAM Wegen excels in managing its primary processes and is a leading player in the civil engineering infrastructure sector.


The civil engineering infrastructure market is experiencing a trend of responsibilities being shifted from the client to the contractor, increasing functional specifications, and greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility. Preventing disruption and ensuring continuous infrastructure availability during road building and maintenance projects is increasingly a critical factor for success.

BAM Wegen strives to maintain its leading position in the civil engineering infrastructure market. This can be achieved based on a strong regional presence and nation-wide delivery of specialist services, combined with the synergies created by the Koninklijke BAM Groep.

At BAM Wegen we realise that the commitment of our staff is indispensable if we want to realise our ambition and objectives. We constantly challenge our staff to achieve further personal development and give them opportunities to do so.

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